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Elevators are up.

Feathers are down.

Envelopes remain stationary.

Autumn leaves are falling.

Tides continue to fluctuate daily.

Crystal Balls round out our futures index, with the past close behind.


Aarhus, Denmark     SxS    May/June 2011

Pergolus is an architectural stew of the pergola, arboretum and atrium. Intended to be used as both a gathering place for conversation as well as a matrix for plantings and landscaping.  Incredibly useful as an attention trap for unwary adults and clever children.

“Pergolus”             425 x 800 x 400 cm             Scandinavian Blonde Trae

Crew:   Jed Dixon, North Road Stairbuilders, Foster, Rhode Island, USA

              Hans Keiding, Copenhagen, DK

              Rico Eastman, Santa Fe, NM, USA

Model: Spencer Dennis, Warren, RI, USA

              Rico Eastman, Santa Fe, NM, USA

Materials:  STARK, Aarhus, DK

Artistic License:  Issued 2011 under international agreement by the

                              Royal Danish Court.   


Jed Dixon contemplating the Baltic Sea, wishing for a Carlsberg

Photos: Rico Eastman, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA


Gary Deirmendjian, Australia


Wind Hubs, Aarhus 2011


Rainbow Walk, AroS, Aarhus 2011

JØrn RØnnau, DK   Granite  100 x 100 x 50 cm

Wallow Fire Sunset,  AA 3864,  06 June 2011, Seat 14D, 36K’

Landing approach into ABQ, NM